HashtagForLikes Review: The First TikTok Hashtag Tool

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What is HashtagsForLikes?

Have you ever wondered just how many TikTok followers you can get by using a hashtag research tool like HashtagsForLikes TikTok Tool?

Like most people, these types of TikTok tools are pretty new, and very cutting edge technology.

Pairing up with the official TikTok API, the HashtagsForLikes TikTok tool puts you in the driver’s seat to scour their database for almost any hashtag you can think of.

And if you haven’t heard, using a TikTok tool like HashtagsForLikes gives you the opportunity to increase your reach by over 251%.  Using hashtags in your videos on TikTok helps your target audience find your content, so when you use a well thought out hashtag set, it really puts you above your competitors.

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How Can HashtagsForLikes Help Grow Your TikTok?

The HashtagsForLikes TikTok tool allows you to see a completely different view that you’ve never been offered before.  There’s no other tools out there that I know of at the moment that will allow you to see a complete breakdown of each hashtag before you use it.

And that will allow you to build a hashtag set that will actually yield results vs. simply #putting #random #hashtags into your content.

When you use intentional hashtags and analyze the feedback from your audience, it gives you a clear picture of what’s working and what isn’t.

So, when you use the hashtag tool for TikTok by HashtagsForLikes and pair it up with the best TikTok bot, and a TikTok scheduler, you’re setting yourself up for massive genuine TikTok growth and also time freedom (not having to spend all day glued to your phone trying to grow).

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HashtagsForLikes TikTok Tool Features

  • Most Popular hashtags – Quickly search any hashtag in the world and find detailed stats like difficulty to discovery, how many posts are using that hashtag, the average number of comments and views associated with that hashtag.


  • Trending Hashtags – Similar to “Most Popular Hashtags”, trending hashtags displays the same information with lesser popular alternatives.


  • Related Hashtags – Similar to “Trending Hashtags”, the related hashtags option gives you less relevant, but still related hashtag sets.


  • Hashtags Filter – Specific filters that will enable you to remove certain hashtags based on specific rules.


  • Negative Keyword Filter – The negative keyword filter gives you the ability to completely remove certain hashtags from the search results.


  • Hashtag Categories – Create quick copy hashtag categories with presaved hashtags, so that you can post them to your account without having to search at all.


  • More features coming soon

1. HashtagsForLikes - The Best Tool For TikTok in 2020
  • Price
  • Results
  • Customer Support
  • Ease of Use

Our Verdict:

HashtagsForLikes is the first of it’s kind TikTok growth tool.  Search any hashtag in the world and quick copy to get more reach to your account without having to give out your password.  HashtagsForLikes helps you make better decisions to get more followers by using their data points directly from the TikTok API.

Aside from that, the customer service was great, the price is not too steep, and the fact that you can cancel at anytime really made it attractive.  But, the main reason HashtagsForLikes blew me away was the massive amounts of data you get at your fingertips.


  • Get more reach
  • Massive amounts of data
  • Awesome customer service
  • No contract plans


  • Nothing to complain about

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